Jan 16, 2018

Schneider Children's Medical Center Names Outstanding hospital in Infection Control

According to the Ministry of Health’s 2017 grading of Israeli hospitals

Dr. Pirogovsky

Schneider Children’s Medical Center was accorded the “Grade of Excellence” in Infection Control based on the Ministry of Health’s 2017 national incentive model. The model measures and grades the accomplishments of hospitals in acquired infection control within the hospital, adherence to required standards for minimization, and management and eradication of infections caused by bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

The Infection Control Team at Schneider Children’s invests much effort in promoting awareness, and conducts explanations to the medical, nursing and para-medical staff, hospital employees, and parents and children regarding simple hygienic habits to prevent the spread of infection. The team comprises Prof. Yitzhak Levy, Director of the Infectious Diseases Unit, Dr. Meirav Mor, Director of Infection Control, Sigalit Rosenfeld, Coordinator of Infection Control, Sarit Bitan, Dalit Cohen, Bina Rubinstein and administrative staffer Rakefet Admoni.

Dr. Avinoam Pirogovsky, Deputy Director of Schneider Children’s, congratulated the team in the Infectious Diseases Unit for their “persistence, determination and professionalism”. He also thanked the staff at the hospital “who are full partners in this achievement through their meticulous adherence to safety regulations regarding infection control. The war against infection is a daily battle, and together we will succeed in halting the chain of infection thus ensuring the safety of our patients.”