Apr 8, 2018

Camp for Children with Burn Injuries Supervised by Schneider Children's Specialists

Burn Camp Victims 2018

The special camp for children and adolescents with burn injuries took place at the Kfar Galim Youth Village under the supervision of occupational and physical therapist teams at Schneider Children’s Medical Center

A specially designed camp for children and adolescents with burn injuries took place in the Youth Village at Kfar Galim under the supervision and guidance of a team of occupational and physical therapists from Schneider Children’s. This is the 10th year that the camp has taken place at the initiative of Yuliana Eshel, Director of Occupational Therapy, and Nili Arbel, former Director of Physical Therapy at Schneider Children’s, together with a staff of leading and dedicated therapists and volunteers from all over the country.

Through a variety of camp activities and contact with others like themselves, children learnt new ways of coping with their injuries and scars, by seeing themselves in a new light, bolstering their self-image, encouraging their coping through cooperation and exposure in a safe and supportive environment, and gaining self-confidence to promote their integration in society. The camp about comprised 40 children with burn injuries ranging in age from 7-18 who came from all over the country and from different communities.

Other camp activities included a unique musical program for children with severe burn injuries, challenging sports such as surfing, rope climbing, drama and more. Twenty six volunteers accompanied the children throughout their stay in the camp, and provided a sympathetic ear.

According to Ms. Eshel, “this special project allows every child with burn injuries to continue the process of emotional and physical rehabilitation and to walk with pride as equals in society. The camp provides children with an opportunity to meet new friends who also suffer from burns. The framework, the gathering and the activities contribute towards an enriching and supportive outing in which the children share and which strengthens their self-confidence.”